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  • Full Time
  • National Capital Reg- Makati city
  • Salary As Per Industry Standard

Work Address : Makati City

Job Description


Assumes full responsibility for the achievement of the annual
assigned sales and installation volumes, GP rate and NIBT
budget. Responsible for  competent sales and collection
management to all Key and regular accounts, Contractors,
Developers, specifiers, and Roofing Specialists..

Ensures that the Sales Supervisors for the referral accounts
and the referral Sales Engineers conduct regular visits to all
the company appointed Galvaforce centers, Barangay
Captains, City and Municipal Engineers and Spouses in their
assigned areas to develop business relationship towards
increasing business revenues.
1. Ensures the effective and regular coverage by both
“Regular” and the “Referral sales personnel” on all
respective buying and active accounts in the
assigned territory of the branch, including the
activation of all inactive accounts that are identified
to be buying from our competitors.
2. Effectively implements the appointment and the
development of Galvaforce Centers, the spouses of
the Municipal/City Engineers, and the Barangay
Captains as referral agents under the referral
program to help generate an increase in dispatch for
the branch..
3. Monitors, gathers report/s and submits to the COO a
weekly competitors’ selling price and activities
including any recommendations in order to address
issues and win all projects
4. Gathers market intelligence and local market
situation in his assigned branch and recommends
action plans and strategies to the COO to help
improve market share in view of helping achieve
market dominance.
5. Conducts local regional trade promo activities and
effective deployments of merchandising materials
that will help build brand equity towards awareness
and buying preferences on consumer buying for
roofing materials.
6. Addresses branch  sales issues and negotiates
directly with all customers specifically Key Accounts
to resolve pricing or credit issues with prior approval
from the COO.
7. Ensures all accounts receivables are properly
monitored and collected on time within the account’s
credit term and limit thus avoid any unpaid “overdue”
and “long overdue yet unpaid accounts”.
8. Supervises the branch cashier who will take custody
and safekeeping of all branch collections from
customer’s payments and prepare daily cash and
collections report and submit a daily remittance and
deposit summary  report to the Makati Head Office
Treasury with scanned email copies to the Finance
and admin head and the COO.
9. Personally handles the daily cash and checks
deposits to the local PSPI accredited banks.
Submits bank validated deposit slips to the Makati

Treasury with copies to the Finance and Admin
Head and to the COO.
10. Reviews the Sales Organization regularly to ensure
a complete manning to help achieve objective in the
monthly dispatch. Ensures no gap or vacuum in the
sales coverage.
11. Ensures that all Sales Personnel are properly
equipped with the selling tolls and skills needed to
competently perform their duties and responsibilities.
12. Assures that all Sales Personnel maintain a high
degree of   integrity and honesty in the performance
of their duties and responsibilities, all sales
personnel observes and follows the basic guidelines
on call protocols and procedures, submits the daily
productivity report.
13. Ensures attainment of the branch’ targeted Gross
Profit Margin from sales revenue.
14. Manages the entire monthly coverage plan and the
daily itineraries of all sales supervisors and sales
engineers in covering field visits and activities
ensuring that efficient cost management on both
selling allowance and expense are achieved within
the approved and allowed OPEX budget.
15. Ensures  achievement of the sales targets through;
 The identification and establishment
of the individual  respective
performance parameters for all
branch personnel.
 Monitor each personnel’s  actual
performances versus budget   through
weekly meetings.
 Require each personnel to submit the
weekly productivity report on sales
and collections .
 Manages the prospecting and
developmental  for new and potential
accounts to help increase the volume
and revenue of the branch.
 Identifies to develop the KRA/KPIs for
sales supervisors and sales engineers
including the production and SSD
supervisor, prepares to submit the
required monthly scorecards  to the
COO and to the HRAD in Makati.
1. Submits the weekly sales and operations highlight
report every Monday of the week to the COO with copy to the
executive assistant.   
1. Invokes camaraderie and respect with all
subordinates at all times
1. Abides and adheres to the company’s Mission,
Vision and Value 

1. Yearly reviews, recommends revisions or
amendments to existing policies, systems and procedures.
1. Performs other tasks that may be required by the
COO from time to time.
Strategic Planning (Sales Plan)
 Ensures that all specifiers (architects and
engineers), contractors, roofing specialists,
developers and project owners of projects are
properly assigned to the Sales Engineers for proper
coverage.  This list shall be monitored and updated
regularly to determine the activeness of the
 Implements the approved marketing plans prepared
specifically for the Galvaforce Centers and the
Barangay Captain and City/Municipal Engineers’
spouses’ referral programs to  ensure that the sales
targets are achieved
 Manages the  implementation of the sales plan by
consistently monitoring activities of each Sales
Supervisor/Engineer; instils effective time and
account management by directly supervising his
Sales Supervisors  to ensure that the regular
itinerary on customer visits under their respective
accounts are strictly followed and feedbacks are
immediate reported to him.
 Regularly reviews his sales organization and
recommends the necessary forimprovements
subject to the approval of the COO.

 Together with the COO, formulates and develops short and long
term sales plans and strategies covering his assigned area

 Identify targeted
sales volumes
and prepares
business plan
though sales
volume mapping
by sales
engineers by
 Develops
strategies and
action plans
based on actual
data and market

provided by
each Sales

Market Data Reporting
 Monitors and recommends selling price by providing
the COO with a monthly Sales report that
summarizes the local market situation, provides
sales and marketing data to support the report to the
 Monitors and prepares a weekly competitor’s pricing
report. The report should cover the prices of the
different competitor’s product lines specific to the
profile/s, thickness and width, submits the same to
the COO.
 Ensures that his Sales Supervisors/ Engineers
provide regular feedback on the effectiveness of the
promotional programs being implemented in his
market segment. Recommends modifications and/or
new programs to Marketing and the COO in order to
ensure achievement.  of targeted sales volume.
Plant Operation
 Coordinates internally with the Logistics / Dispatch
Assistant on the status of deliveries of finished
products, hardware and other accessories to
 Coordinates with Production and SSD Supervisor on
the preparation of the Purchase Order for toll-
forming by Carmona, Bulacan and Cebu plants on
the need for any toll-forming requirements of the
 Directly coordinates with the Makati Materials and
Logistics coordinator or with the local suppliers for
materials that are not available in the local Branch
sales office.
 Coordinates with Production and SSD supervisor on
the daily status of all sales contracts and Job Orders
including deliveries
 Oversees the field requirements of the sales
engineers in particular to their immediate need for
onsite measurement

Accounts Management
 Negotiates directly with customers to resolve any
pricing or credit issues with approval from the COO.
 Monitors and resolves customers’ complaints on

production and delivery issues in coordination with
the production and SSD supervisor.
 Promotes the Company and its products by
representing the company during trade exhibits,
meetings, conferences, conventions and other
related activities in organizations where the
Company participates in.
 Together with the COO:
 Reviews and recommends to Credit
Administration and Credit Committee
worthwhile accounts developed that
requires credit and/or additional facilities

Accounts Receivables and Collection
 Conducts a weekly regular review of the ageing of
trade accounts receivable and ensure that payments
are collected on time as per the customer’s
approved credit terms and limits and conditions.
 Endorses to the COO all uncollected  60 days
overdue accounts
 Sources locally for a legal counsel that will
handle all unpaid overdue accounts with
clearance from the Makati legal office or with
the approval / consent of the Makati top
 Endorses “problematic” long overdue
uncollected accounts to the Makati legal
 Prepares and sends the demand letter that may be
required by the branch to the customer to follow
through collections.
People Management (Performance Management &
 Assures that all Personnel maintain high degree of
integrity, credibility and honesty in the performance
of their duties and responsibilities
 Ensures all activities of the Personnel are consistent
with the Company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.
 Conducts regular review and assessment of the
performance of the Supervisors/Engineers by using
the established parameters to measure their
performance versus Targets.  .
 Recommends to the top management, and manages
the execution of approved training, coaching,
mentoring and skills development initiatives for the
Sales Supervisors, sales engineers and for the

production and SSD supervisor..  

 Ensures that quality of products that are produced
from the plant in the branch and all toll-formed
finished goods are superior in quality before these
are served to the customers
 Ensures that cost efficient operations in the plant are
achieved at all times; i.e; machine’s optimum
utilization versus its rated capacity, time over cost
through the “time and motion” study. And observe
other parameters to avoid if not reduce cost.
Everything should conform with the company
standards on plant production
 Monitors strict compliance to all company rules and
regulations including housekeeping of the plants and
warehouses as well as the “Risk and Safety
Management in the plant operation..
 Ensures the accuracy and correctness of quantity,
quality and specifications of all incoming and
outgoing materials from the plant.
 Manages the production planning and inventory
control of the branch to achieve production efficiency
 Ensures the timely and accurate preparation of
required plant reports to be submitted to the Makati
Head Office on a weekly basis.
 Ensure compliance by production personnel on the
preventive maintenance procedures to avoid
machine breakdown that may result to be
operational downtime.
 Reviews operational performance through the
weekly operations report, reviews the daily / weekly /
monthly coil balancing report ensuring that all coils
issued and transferred to production are fully
accounted for. Reviews to validate the conformities
of all the Sales Contracts with the Job Orders.

Sales Support
 Manages to ensure the accurate and on time
preparation and submission of all estimates, sales
quotations, sales contracts and Job Orders
respectively to avoid delay..
 Manages to ensure that all execution of the Job
Order for production is in accordance with the
parameters as per sales contracts to the time of the
final delivery. Job order to production lead time not
to exceed 3 days, and production to final delivery not
to exceed 2 days
 Manages to ensure that roofing installation works are

properly awarded and executed based on the Head
office’ guidelines and percentage on labor sub-
contracting. Ensures that all works in roofing
installation met the highest quality of work and
 Together and in coordination with the production and
SSD supervisor, ensures that adequate raw
materials, finished goods and hardware accessories
are maintained in the plant and optimally used to
reduce if not eliminate delays and wastages
Inventory Management & Warehousing
 Ensures the efficient and effective management of
all inventory items in the plant as; raw materials,
work in process, finished goods and hardware
 Reviews and addresses concerns related to the raw
materials and finished goods inventory
 Strictly monitors the accounting of all damaged coils
and finished goods for scraps and downgrades
including goods returned by customer and submits
recommendation on pricing to Makati top
management for corresponding disposal..
 Ensures the weekly submission of the weekly
inventory ageing report to the Makati HO.
 Reviews the systems and procedures of
procurement of raw materials or items needed by the
production and recommend improvement if there’s
 Analyses inventory variance as a result of the
monthly cycle count, or the quarterly physical count
and the annual physical inventory. Takes necessary
action to justify variance/s.
 Monitors submission of the one month FIRM and the
two months rolling forecast to be submitted to the
Makati Materials and logistics coordinator every 5 th of
the month
 Ensures cost efficiency in all deliveries with the
fastest delivery time at the least possible cost with
no damages to goods.
 Monitors the timely delivery of all customers’ orders
as per the agreed sales contract/s.
 Reviews and monitors compliance to the
accreditation of third party truckers/haulers, other
services and local third party suppliers. “No
accreditation-no hiring of services/ procurement of
 Reviews and monitors sales dispatch performance

through the Weekly Sales Operations Highlights
Report. Review to address performance variances
as immediately as necessary.
Personnel Administration
 In-charge of the administration of all branch
personnel which include timekeeping, benefits
administration, Employee Documentation, Personnel
Movements, etc. Ensures the efficient, accurate
recordings and on time delivery of such services.
 Coordinates with Group HR in the recruitment of
Supervisors in the branch office   Manages and
monitors the recruitment of Protech and Staff
requirements of the branch office
 In coordination with Group HRAD, manages the
cascade and implementation of the company Code
of Conduct and Ethics, Policies and Procedures,
company culture on mission, vision and values and
compliance to the Labor regulations such as due
process, etc.
 Ensures implementation of the Performance
Management System on a monthly basis via the
monthly business performance review with the
management. Implements appropriate intervention
as coaching and counseling or training to improve
 In coordination with Group HR, initiates the
development of the Training program / plan for PSPI
employees and ensures the delivery of the same as
tailor-fitted and approved by the management for the
Competencies A. Functional/Technical

 Communication Skills - Ability to clearly express
concepts and ideas in oral and written form to all
levels within and outside of the organization and
actively participate in discussions and meetings
 Interpersonal Skills - Ability to interact with all levels
within and outside of the organization
 Negotiation - Ability to persuade or take position
within and outside of the organization
 Analytical - Ability to analyze and evaluate market
data and conceptualize strategies to achieve market
 Budget Management - Ability to prepare and
manage the Branch’s Annual Budget and Expenses
B. Managerial
 Planning - Ability to prepare the Business and Sales

Plan for his/her assigned territory or branch.
 Leading  - Ability to direct staff to develop strategies;
provides direction and executes action plans with
staff based on report and business analysis, market
condition and regional needs to increase
productivity; encourages staff to gather competitive
information; and to hold staff responsible for
understanding how our competitors and strategic
partners affect our business
 Organizing - Ability to systematize and prioritize
varied activities within his sales team based on
“urgency” and “importance”.
 Controlling  - Ability to discipline the staff and
ensures compliance and strict adherence to the
Company’s governing policies and procedures
 Delegating - Ability to assign tasks to the staff based
on competence and sensitivity of the work
 Cost Management - Ability to control expenses
within his approved budget.
 Performance Management - Ability to objectively
appraise the performance of all personnel and
motivate them to improve and help achieve their
 Counseling - Ability to motivate and guide the staff to
get the best output; listen to the concerns of staff,
and maintain and improve the morale especially
during difficult times

Person Profile A. Work Experience

Minimum of fifteen (15) years of relevant work experience in Sales
of construction materials or consumer products, five (5)
years of which should be in a managerial position
B. Education
Graduate of Civil Engineering, Architecture or related courses
from reputable universities. Post Graduate studies in
Master in Business Administration, Master in Business
Management and other related post graduate studies are
an advantage.
C. Personality Must and Wants
Must be hands-on and meticulous with details, honest and
incorruptible, has strong work ethics, analytical,
resourceful and creative, results oriented, team player,
and a self-starterHe must possess well-rounded managerial expertise, people skills and
excellent communication skills. He must have a wide range of selling knowledge.


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