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Civil Foreman

  • Full Time
  • Central Luzon- Tarlac
  • Salary As Per Industry Standard


Job Description

  • Oversee, schedule and arrange crew work on a daily basis, cooperating with other team members as necessary.
  • Locate, calculate and designate job site locations as well as equipment and job site structure locations as needed.
  • Work with other necessary personnel and supervisors to ensure all site and crew activities are in sync.
  • Delegate jobs to crew members as determined by their capabilities and the general requirements of specific work projects and site parameters.
  • Meet with other managers/supervisors and necessary personnel as required in order to fully resolve conflicts, complications and other issues according to company and client standards/requirements.
  • Train new crew members whenever they join the team and provide workers with continuing education according to the latest industry requirements in order that all work meets the most current specifications.
  • They are in charge of all the workers at a construction site
  • They have to assign shifts and responsibilities to all workers according to their capabilities
  • They have to make sure all the employees have to necessary tools for work
  • They have to keep a copy of the blue print of the building with themselves and ensure all work is going according to the plan
  • They have to ensure that all the workers are wearing the correct safety equipment
  • They have to see that all the safety checks are in order because construction sites are dangerous places to work and accidents happen quite a lot
  • The foremen have to make sure that all the work deadlines are met
  • They have to make reports for the supervisor regarding the work done
  • They also have to distribute the paychecks to all the employees
  • They have hire and train new workers
  • They have to ensure all safety and company rules a followed
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