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Experienced Audit Associate

  • Full Time
  • National Capital Reg- Pasig City
  • Salary As Per Industry Standard

Work Address : 1903 A West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Building, Ortigas Pasig

Job Description


Business Management

  • Ensure that client concerns are evaluated for opportunities, especially those not in scope of work.
  • Ensure that email inquiries attended in 5 minutes upon receipt
  • Ensure that inquiries attended in 3 rings and inquiries are reported to superior
  • Ensure that clients status reported to superior
  • Ensure that have time budgets
  • Ensure that time charges that are billed within reasonable time monitored
  • Ensure that issues are noted and resolved or recommended for process improvements
  • Ensure that files are turned over to appropriate personnel after the project
  • Ensure to provide consultation to associates on all issues identified by the associates with the client
  • Conduct CPS: 1) Compliance assessment, 2) Performance analysis, and 3) Strategic development on all BD activities.


Financial Management

  • Ensure that all TBAs are charged to the right engagement or project.
  • Ensure that 100% budget has been prepared and requested within reasonable time
  • Ensure that 100% the liquidation expenses have been prepared and submitted
  • Ensure that 100% of pending billing are monitored and communicated to superior
  • Ensure that billing preparation are followed up with Billing officer and are reviewed and communicated to client
  • Ensure that 100% confirmed collection are scheduled for pick-up
  • Conduct CPS: 1) Compliance assessment, 2) Performance analysis, and 3) Strategic development on all BD activities.


Project Management

  • Ensure that Pajamas Brand of Service is being implemented
  • Ensure that all the DPR, NBT and TBA has been submitted and documented to the system (dashsuccess). Daily TBAs are forecasted a day before as follows:
  • Daily TBA Plan per Position Level (as encoded on the system)
  • Experienced Associate/Associate – every 30 minutes
  • Ensure that pre-engagement activities and risk assessment procedures are prepared
  • Ensure to design and develops audit programs and procedures for the engagement team to assure effective and efficient audit process;
  • Ensure to communicates with clients for efficient flow of information with the audit team;
  • Ensure to understands and supervise the preparation of all audit working papers in accordance with Firm’s Audit Methodology;
  • Ensure to utilizes and coach associates using various auditing tools.
  • Ensure to identify and communicate accounting and auditing matters to managers and partners, as appropriate;
  • Ensure to presents and report to management material audit findings and recommend corrections or improvements to the existing practices;
  • Ensures that financial balances and transactions are processed completely and accurately;
  • Ensure to prepare and perform overall review of financial statements, including final analytical procedures;
  • Ensure to maintains positive and constructive communications and relationships inside and outside the firm;
  • Ensure to guide associates on the way-to-do audit engagements, ensuring that proper audit procedures have been adhered;
  • Ensure that reports and deliverables are provided on a timely basis
  • Ensure to present beneficial upward and downward feedback within the team as part of quality maintenance program;
  • Ensure to managed or supervised a client portfolio with approximate value per year of Php 2.4 million as per HR policy. Portfolio management entailed responsibilities such as:
  • Ensuring that the audit is completed and all required deliverables (i.e., financial statements, letter of representation, management letter, letter to those charged with governance, board presentation, etc.) are provided to the client’s management within the agreed time table;
  • Preparing challenging budgets for these engagements;
  • Negotiating for audit fees and/or additional billings;
  • Ensuring that the audit fees are timely billed, close monitoring of the receivable level
  • Ensure to post or upload work papers from planning to completion for review by the engagement senior/supervisor/manager.
  • Conduct CPS: 1) Compliance assessment, 2) Performance analysis, and 3) Strategic development on all BD activities.


People Management

  • Ensure that all audit personnel are aligned to the mission, vision and beliefs of the firm.
  • Ensure that a monthly coaching and mentoring has been attended at least once a month
  • Ensure that every training of the firm (internal and external) has been supported and attended
  • Ensure that number of employee concerns are resolved
  • Ensure that training materials assigned are prepared
  • Ensure that staff NBT are reviewed every 30 minutes by superior
  • Conduct internal trainings to all newly hired associates
  • Ensure to follow al company policies, rules and regulations.
  • Conduct CPS: 1) Compliance assessment, 2) Performance analysis, and 3) Strategic development on all BD activities.


Changemaker (Self-Leadership)

Conduct self-assessment on overall compliance, performance and strategic development.

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Company Overview

Banking/Financial Services
Exprerience 2 - 3 Years
Job Category
Banking/Financial Services
Job Role
Internal Audit
Job Level
Employees with 1 to 5 years experience
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