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Grapics Designer

  • Full Time
  • Central Visayas- Cebu (Cebu City)
  • 33000 - 35000 /

Job Description

Graphic Designer

We're looking for someone who possess the following qualities: Proactive (you take initiatives for work and self-improvement), Analytical (you can break down numbers and understand them), Open-minded (you keep an open door to alternative perceptions), Transparent (we don't beat around the bush or sugarcoat our words; but no negativity!) and Grit (you march on in times of difficulties!) 

It is important that we convey the ideal qualities before the actual job description because these are the values we hold deeply at Chronos Agency. We're helpful towards one another yet transparent; we own up to our own mistakes and seek to improve ourselves every single day. 

The results of this culture is clear: We have grown from a team of 2 to a team of 15 today in less than a year, and we're seeing a 500% month-on-month increase in revenue. All this wouldn't have been possible without the culture that we have decided to put in place since day 1: Open, Transparent and Freedom. 

If this is what you look for in terms of workplace culture, read on (: 

Overall Job Scope 

As a graphic designer, you'll be in charge of planning and creating the graphics which are relevant to our client's brands. Our clients are typically ecommerce store owners - we create graphics for our clients from scratch that fits their branding and generate ROI at the same time. You would need a good sense for design and the right technical skill for it.

Besides graphic design, you will also be trained as a marketing executive, where you'll be in charge of Strategizing, Executing and Evaluating the direct response marketing strategy (Email, Facebook Messenger and SMS Marketing) we put in place for our clients. You will be exposed to the strategies and processes which we put in place for our clients, that typically generates an increase of 20-30% in revenue for them. 

More Details of the Role 

On the job training will be provided. At the start, you will be doing the following:

  • Sales Oriented + Brand Building Copywriting
  • Generating brand related and high converting graphic designs
  • Analytics Recording and Evaluation (eg: email open rates, revenue generated per email campaign)
  • Generating and Evaluating the effectiveness of our marketing strategies on a monthly basis
  • Must have an excellent command of English

"Work is challenging but fulfilling". This is the feedback we have received from most of our employees in this 1 year since we started. A good employee experience is just too important for us, as a digital marketing agency, we are all but our employees. 

We are an equal opportunity employer; more than half of the company is made up of female employees and almost all female employees are mums! (We deeply respect them for being able to handle a day job and managing children at home). In terms of work experience, we have fresh graduates with less than a year of experience and a senior writer with more than 30 years of experience in advertising. 

We started in Singapore and are now looking to expand in Malaysia, the Philippines and the US. We are growing really quickly and are actively looking for talents with the right drive and attitude. 

For Malaysia, we are looking to start an office in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. You will be one of our first employees in Malaysia as we seek to expand quickly here (the rest of the employees are all located remotely in Singapore and the Philippines). We will operate at co-working spaces as a start in one of the locations mentioned above.


Full Monthly Salary – P33,000

Please share your portfolio with our HR Department:

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