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  • Full Time
  • National Capital Reg- Makati city
  • Salary As Per Industry Standard

Work Address : Makati City

Job Description

Job Summary Contribute to organizational effectiveness by  managing the following
functions that are provided to all companies of the Philsteel
Group: (1) Organizational Development & Training, (2)
Recruitment & Placement, (3) Compensation & Benefits, (4)
Administration services, (5) Security and Safety, (6) Labor

Specific Duties

OD & Training:
 After the Organizational reviews, ensures that
changes in Organizational Structures are documented
and new job descriptions for created positions are

 Coordinates the development of KRA’S/KPI’s by the
Functional Heads and ensures that monthly
evaluation is conducted using the dashboard.
 Ensures that functional heads properly train and
guide their managers and supervisors in the
Development of Job Descriptions.
 After installation, ensures that the Performance
Management System is maintained through monthly
performance reviews and conduct of Performance
Appraisals twice a year.
 Manages installation of Job Evaluation and conducts
Salary Reviews based on approved Salary Structure.
 Assists managers and supervisors in the development
of KRA’s & KPI’s before the start of each year;
administers the conduct of Performance Appraisals
and consolidates results for presentation to the
 Assists Functional Heads in the identification of High
Potentials/Succession Planning and in the
implementation of Development Programs to
prepare them for higher positions.
 Formalizes the Succession Plan for each company and
submits to the EXCOM for approval.
 Manages HR Staff in the Administration of Benefits
and Salary Increases for Makati-based employees in
compliance with Minimum Wage Orders/Merit
Increase Guidelines.
 Reviews and develops HR policies and procedures
and presents these to the EXCOM for approval.
 Coordinates with the affected department any
movement of personnel resulting from organizational
 Manages the review of Job Evaluation whenever new
jobs are created or if organizational changes occur.
 On a yearly basis, initiate with the COO and
Functional Heads the Training Needs Assessment to

establish their training program and prepare training
their budget for the succeeding year.
 Recommend training interventions that would
enhance organizational effectiveness and employee
 Ensures that sufficient number of Internal Trainers
are identified and properly trained.
 Reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of the
present training programs with the COO and Plant
Managers and make necessary improvements.
 Reviews and improves current Training Policies and
Procedures and ensures compliance thereto.
 Manages the development of Training budgets and
Training Programs for the Group particularly for
Common Behavioural Trainings.
 Trains all managers and supervisors on how to
prepare Job descriptions and guides functional heads
in the development of these.
 Coordinates with the Functional Heads in the
identification of High Potentials and in the
preparation of Succession Plans and Development
Programs to prepare them for higher position.
 Assists the COO’s and Functional Heads in Training
Need Analysis (TNA) by providing the tool to do
Recruitment & Placement:
 Manages sourcing activities and looks for alternative
sources of applicants when needed.
 Ensures that proper screening of candidates is done
to ensure that only qualified candidates are hired by
the Companies within the Group.
 Conducts HR Orientation and ensures that Functional
Heads conduct Job Orientation for new hires in their
 Reviews Recruitment Policies and recommends
changes if needed.
 Manages Recruitment activities in accordance with

the requirements of organizational changes.
 Provides recruitment services to all companies for
their manpower requirements from supervisory to
managerial positions and for all Makati-based job
 Assists the COO’s in the review of the organization
and its manpower to allow the COO to achieve his
 Ensures the development of job descriptions for new
and revised positions.
 Documents all personnel movements brought about
by organizational changes.
Compensation and Benefits:
 Manages the implementation of Salary Increases in
compliance with minimum Wage Orders.
 Conducts Salary Reviews based on approved Salary
 Manages the HR Staff in the Administration of
Company and Government Benefits in accordance
with Company Policies and Labor Laws.
 Manages the timely and accurate preparation of Daily
Time Records (DTR) for payroll purposes.
 Manages the availment of leaves in compliance with
Company Policies and ensures accurate recording of
leaves and Official Business Travel.
Personnel and Admin Services for PSPI
 Directs the administration of HR programs and
services for PSPI.
 Monitors the performance on the execution of
personnel and administration services which includes
compensation & benefits, recruitment & placement,
organization development, training, security, safety,
administration services and labor relations.
 Provides counsel to the COO on the management and
delivery of HR programs.

Security and Safety:
 Oversees the Security & Safety and ensures the
effective performance of this function.
 Ensures that all Companies comply to the Safety and
Security Policies and Procedures and have an Annual
Safety & Security Program that are implemented
according to Plan.
 Reviews the Reports submitted by the Security &
Safety and brings these to the attention of the COO’s
and Plant Managers.
 Ensures that the Security & Safety Officer/Personnel
visits the Plants regularly as scheduled.
 Together with the Group HR PAD Manager and
Security & Safety Officer, evaluate the performance
of Security Agencies and assist in the screening of
other Security Agencies if needed.
 Participates in investigations involving violation of
Security & Safety Policies.
 Reviews Security & Safety Policies and recommends
changes if needed.
Makati Administration:
 Ensures that effective admin services are provided to
all Makati-based employees such as
telecommunications (landlines and cell phones),
office supplies, photocopying services, vehicle repair,
insurance & registration, gascard administration,
messengerial and courier services, and records
 Assists in the negotiation with Suppliers to ensure
that terms and conditions are for the benefit of the
Companies and their employees.
 In coordination with the internal users, evaluates the
services of Suppliers and recommends renewals or
 Ensures that all billings are in order before
endorsement for payment.
 Ensures that Company issues cell phones, cars, etc.

Are surrendered in good condition prior to granting
clearance to separated employees.
 Participates in formal investigations when required
and ensures that the due process is observed and
that appropriate disciplinary actions are given.
 Guides and gives advices to Plant Managers within
the Philsteel Group in areas affecting employee
discipline, manpower training, organizational review,
productivity programs and interpretation of HR
Policies & Procedures.
 Initiates HR projects for the Philsteel Group and
ensures harmony of HR Policies and Programs.
 Provides advice to the Chairman & CEO, the COO’s
and the EXCOM on all HR & OD matters.



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