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  • Full Time
  • National Capital Reg- Makati city
  • Salary As Per Industry Standard

Work Address : Makati City

Job Description

Communicates with internal

 PMPI Comptroller/Treasury Manager/EVP & Group
 Group Purchasing Head
 Group HR director
 Sales and Sales support division
 Plant Managers within Philsteel group
 Local & National Government Agencies
 Suppliers and Fabricators

Job summary

Assumes full responsibility for the overall management of Carmona plant as follows:

 Develops, together with all unit heads, a 5 year
plan to include yearly targets for plant
performance and efficiency.]
 Prepares and ensures achievement of the annual
budget of the plant monitoring and addressing
variances between actual and the budget.

 Together with QC Head, responsible for the
development of suppliers of raw materials in
compliance with the technical protocol to include
plant visits, technical discussions, trial orders, initial
commercial orders and accreditation of suppliers
 Develops Annual Performance Standards
(KRA’s/KPI’s) for all functional Areas in the Plant,
monitors achievement of these and addresses
need for improvement.
 Delivers agreed targets within approved time
frames and resources.
 Proactively finds timely solutions to existing and
potential production & Engineering problems in the
 Ensures that all raw materials required by
Production are available on time and that their
quality is within specifications.
 Ensures that all finished products are in compliance
with internal quality standards.
 Ensures that all raw materials and finished
products are properly stored and accounted for.
 Ensures that material inventory in the records of
MMD, and in the books of Accounting are tallied
and reconciled monthly.
 Ensures that all approved parameters are strictly
complied with by the production lines.
 Ensures that plant Logistics provides timely and
efficient services so that sales orders are
immediately attended to and finished products are
delivered to customers within expected time
 Ensures that the approved preventive, predictive
and Corrective Maintenance Programs are
 Addresses with urgency all equipment and process
problems that arise to ensure continuous
production flow.
 Coordinates with cost accounting to establish the
Production cost and find ways and means to
reduce production costs.
 Install Cost consciousness Program among all plant
employees through the unit heads.
 Ensures that all government requirement
pertaining to plant safety, environmental

Protection and labor Standards are complied with
at all times.
 Ensures that efficient personnel and administrative
services are delivered at the least possible cost in
order to maintain industrial harmony.
 Regularly reviews the organizational set up of each
unit to determine its effectiveness in achieving
plant goals & Objectives.
 Ensures that safety and security measures are in
place to safeguard employees and all plant assets
at all times.
 Regularly reviews all Plant Policies & Procedures
and recommends amendments to the EXCOM
when needed.
 Ensures that all Plant employees abide by the code
of conduct and implement all company policies and
 Proactively involves in harmonious relations with
labor union to assure industrial peace.

Specific Duties and


 Ensures attainment of budgeted production
volume and yield targets.
 Ensures that monthly production planning is done
and implemented.
 Ensures that all approved parameters are strictly
complied with by the production lines.
 Analyzes production problems that arise and looks
for long term solutions to address them.
 Manages operating expenses to bring down
budgeted production cost.
 Ensures that all machines and equipments are in
good running condition all times in order to reduce
at all times in order to reduce downtime.
 Ensures that preventive, predictive and corrective
Maintenance Programs are developed and
implemented as scheduled.
 Analyzes process defects and looks for ways to
improve the process.
 Look for reliable Engineering suppliers and
contractors for repairs that have to be outsourced.



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Architecture/Interior Design
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Architecture/Interior Design
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