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Work Address : Makati City

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY Responsible for the GP Analysis, monitoring of cost and selling prices in the competition,
market research on the price trends and recommend competitive selling price margin for all the
companies under Philsteel Group. Develops pricing tools and models to analyze the movement of the
prices in the market and present the analysis to the Pricing Committee. Conducts research and data
gathering on the competitor’s product specification and pricing.

1. Determines the cost and selling price margins to help the Chairman and the Pricing Committee
understand the impact of new pricing based on GP analysis of the trends on pricing in the
2. Coordinates with DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches on data gathering regarding
competitor’s selling price, market standing and product specifications.
3. Ensures all pricing recommendations are in line with the company policies and procedures.
4. Creates and adjusts pricing by product based on market competition as approved by the Pricing
5. Recommends the increase based on total gross sales margin by determining the pricing actions
that encourage high sales revenue and customer satisfaction.
6. Develops Pricing Proposals in response to customer needs as approved by the Pricing
7. Monitors the day to day pricing activities of DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches within a set
of product categories. This includes generation of reports; creations of GP Analysis Reports on
excel sheets and presentation to Pricing Committee as needed.
8. Reviews the accuracy and completeness of all selling and pricing data of competitors submitted
by DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches.
9. Reviews the selling, cost and pricing trends in the competition then communicate the notable
changes to the Pricing Committee.
10. Monitors and provides competitor prices report across all market competition to Chairman and
the Pricing Committee on a regular basis.
11. Provides the Pricing Committee with market and industry insights through data mining and
12. Assists the Pricing Committee to communicate to DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches with
regard to the implementation on the changes of selling prices.
13. Responsible to develop a pricing tool and model to analyze the selling price and gross profit for
DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches.
14. Creates appropriate pricing templates using Microsoft Excel that conforms to the requirements
and pricing standards of the Pricing Committee.
15. Executes “what if” scenarios before finalizing and presentation to the Pricing Committee.
16. Ensures that the required pricing analysis and gross profit analysis are prepared accurately and
submitted in a timely manner to Chairman and the Pricing Committee.
17. Conducts research and resolves pricing issues as reported by DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI

18. Reviews the historical data on pricing related issues and recommends new approaches to meet
the price-to-win objectives.
19. Reviews and maintains GP Analysis and Pricing related reports and database.
20. Evaluates and monitors the effectiveness of selling prices and revenue cost analysis.
21. Applies the skills in market research, gross profit analysis, financial analysis and revenue cost
analysis for business development.
22. Monitors the changes in costing and pricing inputs to develop sensitivity thresholds for each
23. Assists in the development of intelligence-based pricing standards, strategies and best practices
that are applicable for DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches.
24. Develops models to predict pricing actions and selling prices in the competition.
25. Stays abreast of the latest pricing trends in the market and increase knowledge through the
information from financial publications, government agencies and competition.
26. Facilitates meetings using Powerpoint, MS Excel and other similar presentations for easy
understanding of the Chairman and the Pricing Committee.
27. Takes down the minutes of meetings of the Pricing Committee.
28. Ensures and maintains confidentiality of the price discussions and documentation.

COMPETENCIES   A. Functional/Technical
 Communication Skills- Ability to clearly express concepts and ideas in oral and written form to
the Chairman, EXCOM, Pricing Committee and all levels within the organization and actively
participate in discussions and meetings.

 Interpersonal Skills- Ability to interact with all levels within and outside of the organization.
 Negotiation- Ability to persuade or take position within and outside of the organization.

 Analytical- Ability to evaluate and analyze the pricing, selling and gross profit reports for DM
Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches. Conceptualize strategies to achieve market dominance.
B. Managerial
 Planning- Ability to prepare Price Analysis Report for presentation to Chairman and Pricing
Committee as needed.
 Organizing- Ability to systematize and prioritize varied data mining, data gathering and market
research strategies regarding price trends for DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches.

 Leading- Ability to develop pricing analysis and strategies; provides direction and executes
action plans based on report and business analysis, market condition and regional needs to
increase productivity; increase business and gather competitive information.
B. Personnel
 Acts with integrity in dealing with all levels of people within and outside of the organization.
C.  Accountable Documents
 GP Analysis Report
 Cost Analysis Report
 Selling Price Monitoring Report
PERSON PROFILE            A. Work Experience
 Minimum of five (5) years of relevant work experience in cost analysis, selling price
computations and gross profit analysis gained from similar industries.
B. Education
 Graduate of Accounting, Business Administration, Economics or related courses from reputable
universities, complemented by a well-rounded knowledge of Competitive Pricing Strategies and
Gross Profit Analysis gained from seminars and formal training courses.
C. Age
 30 – 35 years old.
D. Personality Musts and Wants
 Must be hands-on and meticulous with details.
 Strong leader, honest, has strong work ethics, analytical, resourceful and creative, results-
oriented, team builder, and a self-starter.
E. Other Knowledge and Skills Requirements
 Good in data analytics, trend analysis and forecasting.
 Experience in financial modeling is an advantage.
AUTHORITIES A. Signing and Approving
B. Recommendatory
 Recommends Selling and Pricing Standards for DM Sales, PMPI Sales and PSPI Branches as
approved by the Pricing Committee.



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