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Pull-out Assistant

  • Full Time
  • National Capital Reg- Pasig City
  • Salary As Per Industry Standard

Work Address : (Mega Publishing Group) 18/F Strata 100 Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City Metro Manila, Philippines 1605

Job Description

Pull-out Assistant


  • General

Maintain an organized system for pulling out and returning products to eliminate unnecessary delays in the production process. Perform duties in accordance with the needs of editors/stylists.

  • Specific
  • Assist editors/stylists in pulling out clothes and products for shoots. This may include accompanying them during the sourcing process, noting down of product codes and item descriptions, and helping to carry bags to and from the store/shoot location/vehicle/storage.
  • Keep a regularly updated record of all borrowed items to prevent misplacement and delay in the return of items. The record should reflect the exact number of items pulled out, which editor pulled out the item and from which store, the date that the items were pulled out and the date the store expects the items to be returned, as well as a photocopy (when possible) of the official document issued by the store to the editor.
  • Check the items to ensure that no products are damaged or lost when they are 1) released to the editor, 2) stored after being used in a shoot, and 3) before they are returned to the store. If any products are damaged at any point, the POA should take note of the damage so that accountability may be established.
  • Oversee the safekeeping of products in the storage room.
  • Facilitate the return of all borrowed products. Returns should be done systematically and independently, with items properly segregated, sorted and carefully packed before they are brought back to the stores.
  • Manage his/her own schedule by receiving, filing and recording the Pull-Out Assistance Request forms submitted by editors/stylists. The POA is also responsible for coordinating with the Admin Department for his/her use of the company vehicles when facilitating pull-outs and returns.

Job Type: Full-time


Educational Background

High school or college level



Years of Related Experience

  • At least six months of inventory-related work
  • Experience with moderately strenuous fieldwork is an advantage



Technical Competencies

  • Multi-tasking
  • Highly organized
  • Fastidious and detail-oriented
  • Has initiative



Behavioral and Interpersonal Qualities

  • Highly organized
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Adaptable and dependable
  • Pro-active






SALARY: Minimum plus Allowance
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