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  • Full Time
  • National Capital Reg- Makati city
  • Salary As Per Industry Standard

Work Address : Makati City

Job Description

 Reports to: Sales & Marketing Department
A. Daily/Primary:
1. Prepares and print final copies of sales transaction documents for signing of Buyers and TLC, for all
townhouse units, such as: Reservation Application; Contract to Sell; Deed of Restrictions; Deed of Absolute
Sale; Buyer’s Undertaking; Promissory Note; Deed of Reconveyance; Special Power of Attorney; Deed of
Assignment; Articles of Association and By-Laws for Homeowners Association; Affidavits and Waivers (when
applicable) and other pertinent documents which may be required. The above documents (except for
Reservation Application) should be prepared and ready for signing one or 2 days prior to date of signing by
the Buyers.
2. Attends to and answers inquiries via telephone or cellphones, or walk-in clients, to effectively communicate
information about the company’s townhouse projects and other properties for sale, providing the prospective
buyers/agents/ brokers all the information needed, e.g. description, amenities/features, price, terms of payment
and process of sale
3. As soon as Buyers have completed signing of CTS and other documents and paid Downpayment, prepares
computation of estimated DOAS price (for all unit buyers) based on ZV, FMV and determine if DOAS will be
subjected to VAT, in coordination with the Asst. Manager, Mktg.; request Acctg. Dept. for preparation of
Statement of Account for Miscellaneous Expenses for each unit Buyer and endorse this SA to AM Sales
for info of Buyer and subsequent payment
4. Upon payment of Miscellaneous Expenses by the Buyer, request Acctg. Dept. preparation of manager’s
check (MC) for the Capital Gains, Documentary Stamp Tax; monitors payments for these expenses which
should be paid without delay
5. Monitors the process for the transfer of TCT, Tax Declaration for Lot and Improvement until these are
transferred to the Buyer’s name. Upon completion of transfer, collate these documents and other pertinent
papers and prepare transmittal letter. For Buyers with bank loan, prepare another set of transmittal to
buyer which should include the Acknowledgement Receipt of original TCT signed by bank officer; After all
documents have been prepared, endorse to AM, Mktg for his info and subsequent delivery to Buyer by the
designated personnel. Keep the receiving copy of these transmittal letters to respective file of unit Buyers
which should ensure that original TCT and Tax Declaration, Subdivision Plan and other pertinent papers are
properly acknowledged by the Buyers and/or the mortgagee bank.
6. Maintain a logbook wherein the newly transferred TCTs, Tax Declaration for Lot and Improvement are
received; endorse to SVP Acctg. for safekeeping and finally delivered to the Buyer or the mortgagee bank
7. Compiles all new original copies of TCTs and Tax Declarations for Lot and Building; keep scanned/ electronic
copy of all these documents; deposit/endorse to SVP Acctg. at end of every working day all original TCTs
received until these are transmitted to the Buyer and/or the Mortgagee Bank
8. Assist the Sales Officer in printing of townhouse Pricelists and/or brochures and its attachments, whenever
outside printing is not available
9. In coordination with Sales Officer, in-charge of distribution of Brochures with Pricelist to all project sites;
ensure availability of these materials at all times for the ff. TLC Office, brokers and agents and at all
jobsites/project sites.

10. Keep and maintain proper custodianship of all files, existing records of unit Buyer/s ; in charge of creating new
files/folders; properly label individual folders of unit buyers for all townhouse units
11. Prepares all other required letters or communication originating from Sales and Marketing Dept
B. Weekly/ As needed:
1. In-charge of sending out letter/reminders to buyers on when to pay annual real estate taxes on their 1st year of
occupancy/ownership of buyers whose units have been turned-over prior to the incoming taxable year ; secure
the SOA from respective Assessors’ Office and send out to concerned buyers, remind buyers of timely payment
of the real estate taxes
2. Assists in promotional and marketing activities like open house and site manning, prepares and print sales
materials for these activities;
3. Prepares supporting materials (literature packs, promotional merchandise, delegate lists, name badges, place
names, table plans etc) and other sales and marketing activities such as invitations, certificates and other
similar forms
4. Acts as a support staff to all sales and marketing activities/events
5. Perform other duties/task that may be assigned from time to time
1. Detailed resume with at least three (3) character references and recent 2x2 photo
2. Photocopy of Transcript of Records and other credentials
3. NBI or Police Clearance
Salary Range: Php13,000.00 – 15,000.00



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